Silicon Alley Insider Announces Last Call for 'Top 100' Submissions

Silicon Alley Insider, the digital business webzine, is calling for votes and submissions for it’s annual Top 100 list. And guess who’s at the top of the list?

BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy!

Alan’s mother is so proud that her son is currently ranked ahead of sunch luminaries as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, media mogul Barry Diller and Wine Library TV host Gary Vaynerchuk.

BlogTalkRadio wishes to thank all who voted for Alan. We’re both honored and humbled by the response. It just goes to prove one should never underestimate the power of community, and ours is growing by leaps and bounds. We’d especially like to thank Roger from for his kind words.

Since voting closes October 26, 2008 we hope you’ll take some time to vote for your favorite Silicon Alley leader.

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