SkypeCast Demise Leaves BlogTalkRadio Standing Virtually Alone as Industry Leader

BlogTalkRadio's CEO and Founder, Alan Levy

Alan Levy: Time bore founder out.

A little over two years ago, BlogTalkRadio CEO and founder Alan Levy was three weeks into his new online broadcasting venture when he discussed the launch of SkypeCast.

In a post on this very blog, he made comparisons between that startup and BlogTalkRadio, including why he felt his would be the superior service in the long run.

Among Alan’s concerns were:

  • Having to install software in order to listen to or host Skype shows.
  • Lack of audience participation during live SkypeCasts.
  • Absence of SkypeCast archives.

Two years later, it’s clear that BlogTalkRadio is the leader in online radio. We don’t simply provide a platform allowing civilians to talk in cyberspace. We offer our hosts the ability to create, produce, promote and archive regularly-scheduled shows without having to download or install any software. And each live show – which is available on-demand moments after it’s wrapped – is a completely interactive experience, allowing listeners to call in and/or participate in a live text chat.

So it comes as no surprise to the BlogTalkRadio team that Skypecast was laid to rest on September 1. Though Skype vows to resurrect the service one day, its demise further solidifies BlogTalkRadio’s status as the premier online radio network and social-radio community.

In this day and age, the key to succeeding online is an interactive, customizable, user-friendly experience – and the ability to build a loyal, spirited community.

Hats off to Alan for holding his course.

16 thoughts on “SkypeCast Demise Leaves BlogTalkRadio Standing Virtually Alone as Industry Leader

  1. Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

    BlogTalkRadio really is unique in the field, for two reasons. First, is the huge amount of web 2.0 / social interaction between the listeners and the show/hosts — both during the show (call-in and chat) as well as on the show’s site (who’s listening, comments, etc.). Second, is the accessibility. To host a show you don’t have to pay money or invest start-up costs. To listen to a show you don’t have to download software (or only use Internet Explorer). And once you get going you can have revenue-sharing sponsors, invest in a “channel,” and use other advanced features.

    For these reasons when my contract is up with Voice America – Business (in November 2008) I will be moving The Wealth Spa Radio Show over to BlogTalkRadio. 🙂

    ~ Elizabeth

  2. Jake

    I am a host for blogtalkradio(I do Pinto’s Playhouse) and I am grateful for this platform because I can do what is my passion, and that is entertain the listening audience. Thank you Mr Levy.

  3. Joy Jones

    The Judy Joy Jones Show is looking forward to having Alan Levy as our guest tomorrow; September 5th, 2008; 9:00 AM pst; 11:00 AM cst; 12:00 PM est

    Alan Levy is a pioneer in Galactic Communications. His leadership has rapidly transformed our ability to communicate. Alan is not only critically helping us become one world without walls; but also one galactic family.

    BlogTalkRadio has opened the doors for us to meet one another and exchange ideas in ways never dreamed of before thanks to Alan Levy’s creative genius! Thanks to Alan and all the great minds working at BlogTalkRadio!

  4. Silvia Richardson

    What woudl I do without your Radioshow – I have learned a lot and meet a lot of wonderful people – This is an incredible system. No, I m not a host yet 😉 … I;m not ready to throw my self to the wolves … lol but i’m a listener and a comment on each show.. Thank you that was a great decision to launch this Radio…


  5. HD Radio

    Since the day I found BTR I have been completely in love with it. It gave me an opp to do something that I have always wanted. I am proud to be apart of it and will cont to be apart of it. Keep up the good work!

    Max Holiday

  6. Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari

    Mr. Levy, BlogTalkRadio has added tremendous value to my business. Show accessibility is simpler than any other Internet radio program I’ve seen. The price is perfect 😉 and my audience has no complaints. Thank you for sharing your ingenuity with the rest of us ordinary people.

    ~Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari aka The Coffee Lady
    ~Streaming live on BTR Saturdays 8-9 AM Pacific

  7. Roxanne Ravenel

    I’ve tried SkypeCasts in the past and often encountered difficulties. I was so grateful to discover Blog Talk Radio. What a great service and so user-friendly. The host retains control yet the audience is afforded an interactive experience. It’s pure genius. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Roxanne Ravenel
    The Savvy Jobseeker

  8. TiaCarrWilliams

    BlogTalkRadio is a phenomenon. Ive introduced several colleagues, all of whom are hosting their own shows and loving the ease of deployment and the experience it brings them of new friends and associations. Yay BlogTalkRadio…long may you reign.

  9. USA buyers Network

    Mr. Levy : Great, Great Job ! This is more powerful then any format on the internet..
    It is well recieved in China and is a boon for my biz… Thank You to opening the doors.

    Steve Woods
    SDX Global,LLC

  10. worldmikel

    We gave it a good shot at 2 casts this past weekend. I didn’t promote these for fear that it would be difficult to communicate how to use it to our vast group of former Skypecasters. Probably our good fortune, Both casts have my voice listenable as well as 3 callers that we managed to get to stream as well as a bad Skypecast stream. The other callers were able to sputter in a word or two, just enough for me to recognize their voice, but not what they were saying. Our one caller that did use the phone did have a good connection. Still, dialing a NY phone number is out of the question for 95% of our group.

    I do see how this is useful as a one-way communication to the world, albeit sub-par quality audio. I can see how it works as an ersatz local-style call-in radio for people in the US-only with unlimited long distance calling.

    The numerous pages a hosts needs in Internet Explorer makes it even more cumbersome than all the crap that was needed in the Skypecasts. Especially since IE is not robust, even on the faster computers with a ton of RAM.

    I’ve not written-off BlogTalkRadio. Although it still won’t work for the kind of international interactive communication that Skypecasts offered when it functioned well.

    We appreciate your input on anything that we are missing. Again, I’ll gladly schedule another if Mr. Levy would like to guest and guide us in making this work for our group. We have a good following that would probably equate to some good ad revenue and other possibilities if we could make it work.


  11. Eric Goldberg

    Mr Levy,

    I am a former Skypecast enthusiast. I had been a member of a particular Skypecast that aired each and every Saturday & Sunday Morning. This Skypecast consistently had 20-40 listeners at any given time and at least 5-15 active participants at any given time. I cannot tell you how many people passed through the Skypecast during each show but a conservative guess would be close to 90 or 100. For about 2 years I met and conversed with people worldwide from Italy, France, Germany, The UK, all over Asia, the middle east, South America and even a few right here in the USA. News events from their countries and neighborhoods were discussed, politics were discussed as well as personal problems or crisis the people were involved in.

    Although there were a few times that the audio was sub par (maybe 2% of the time) the other 98% was crystal clear international communication. Sure, you do have to download Skype software and of course it’s free of any charge. To listen or participate is also free of charge for the hosts and the participants.

    I have listened to a few BTR shows. The audio is good and the fact that people can phone into a show is a nice feature I have yet to find a BTR show similar to the one we had going on Skype for almost 2 years. Also the fact that the host has to make a long distance phone call in order for theBTR show to “air” is a bit disconcerting to me.

    I did sign up and I did participate in one BTR program. I’m not sure why, but the audio was quite poor. Maybe the host was having difficulties on his end, I dont know.

    I will miss Skype something terrible. I will continue to explore BTR but I am hopeful that Skype will bring back their Skypecasts or that someone else will design a similar, total free of charge system like Skype.


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