Slain Rapper Dolla: ‘I Don’t Have to Worry About Being Shot’

In yet another tragic rap slaying, rising recording artist Dolla – who, in 2007, signed with Akon’s Konvict Music Records – was fatally shot in the head yesterday afternoon outside the upscale Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles.

An hour later, LAPD nabbed Aubrey Louis Berry at L.A. International Airport after noticing that the 23-year-old Georgia man fit the descrip- tion of Dolla’s murderer. The suspect is currently being held on $1 million bail.

   CAPTION: “I’m just a humble dude, a street dude, a black man livin’ in America trying to turn s - - - - into gold,” Dolla (above) told us last year.

“I’m just a humble dude, a street dude, a black man livin’ in America trying to turn s - - - into gold,” Dolla (above) told us last year.

Cops have told reporters that they do not know what prompted the brutal killing.

Dolla, who was born Roderick Anthony Burton II and who lived in Atlanta, was in L.A. to complete his album, Another Day, Another Dolla.

On February 6, 2008, Dolla appeared on BlogTalkRadio to discuss progress on his debut album.

Throughout the 20-minute interview, Dolla – who’d also recorded with Lil Wayne and modeled for Diddy’s R.I.P. clothing label – returned to a recurring theme in his life: his music had saved him from the streets.

“My upcoming album is called A Dolla and a Dream. I named it that because, since I was 13, I’ve been financially taking care of my family,” he told Freshr Radio host Young Drew.

“And it got to a point where that street s – – – just wasn’t working out for me. You know, the ups and downs of street life. And I literally was going broke.

“I had just a couple of dollars but had dreams of being a rapper.”

Later, when asked how it felt to be signed to a label, Dolla said:

“It gives me an opportunity to do something positive and not be in the streets and not have to worry about being shot.

“I just got shot three months ago, and that let me know, Man you got a record deal, you got a song out, like relax!”

And when asked, “With your newfound fame, I’m sure you got a nice paycheck. What was the first thing you went out and did?” the rapper replied:

“Bought my mama a car.”

To read the latest on Dolla’s murder case, click here.

To head Dolla’s full 2008 interview, click here.

10 thoughts on “Slain Rapper Dolla: ‘I Don’t Have to Worry About Being Shot’

  1. Dr. Blogstein

    I think its clever that when the guys behind this blog get writer’s block they go out a kill a former BTR guest. Hopefully “Skippy” from Family Ties is watching his back!

  2. mike

    My name is Mike and I’m the CEO of Doe Stax Records, LLC and Host on blog Talk Radio. I had an artist that was killed now 2 years ago. He was only 18 and was building a name for himself in philly. Joe Green was his name and he was killed over a cell phone. I was just a witness to a shooting just this past Saturday evening. We as a society really need to do something and stop just sitting around doing nothings or waiting for our government to come up with an answer. If there is anyone that has any ideas or a project they want to start dealing with this issue please feel free to contact me at

  3. Jonathan Keese

    Impulsive Reaction

    I have warned several family members and friends to, “Do not go out hastily to strive, lest you know not what to do in the end thereof.” Most arguments are started impulsively; few are carefully thought out beforehand. My heart goes out to Roderick Anthony Burton II family, friends and fans due to some kind of argument or conflict that started on impulse and the outcome is a lost for all of us. Impulse has a much greater likelihood of hurting all of us in the end, rather than helping us achieve our dreams. Here is Jonathan Keese prescription, “Don’t do it. Stop and think about alternative course of action.

  4. I Got My Reasons

    As long as corporate types profit from thug culture, thug culture will continue. Google “Forbes Get Money Remix” for a free example. And let’s face it, if one of the Jonas Brothers was shot dead would BTR feature an old interview the NEXT DAY with an ironic headline? I seriously doubt it. We can all do a lot better.

  5. nina

    what a shame dolla got killed like that that man who shot him is a manupulater and lied talking selfdefence people who dont no the streets like the jugde would say aubrey berry was scared but believe me i could read this man like a book this was getting even with dolla

  6. nina

    if aubrey berry was scared he would of layed low not killa man and say defence because now he has alot of people who dont like him he nos this as well what is he going to do say im scared and shoot all of this people if they come to him or see thim in the streets at the mall perhaps this was no self defence this was revenge i could see right through him like a interresting book that is fiction

  7. nina

    aubrey berry is stupid man to kill dolla this was not self defence this was revenge because he was a vindictive man is just because he is a free man does not mean he got away with this murder he will and i mean he will face the real judge one day see life on earth is short for everyone not just dolla everyone will die and face the lord thats the real judge god not this people on earth that thinks there judges because god has no jururs hes nos what everyone has done wrong and every knee shall bow life is to short to trust manand his laws only gods law

  8. nina

    what kind of life will aubrey berry have people will not like is he going to scared and kill thse people whodo not like him my point is he killed dolla because of revenge not because of bing scared


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