Spike Lee: Racism Is Still Festering in America

Hard to believe it’s been two decades since Do The Right Thing was released.

Hailed by the American Film Institure as one of the top 100 greatest movies of all time, the 1989 joint chronicles racial conflict among a host of characters living Brooklyn’s multi-ethinic Bedford-Syuyvesant comm- unity on the hottest day of the year.

CAPTION: Despite his cap, Spike (above) cautions us to continue doing the right thing.

Despite his cap, Spike (above) cautions all Americans to do the right thing race-wise.

And now director Spike Lee is out celebrating the 20th anniversary of his seminal film, which starred himself, Danny Aiello, John Turturro, Samuel L. Jackson, Rosie Perez, Rudy Dee and Ossie Davis, along with other “actor’s actors.”

As part of that celebration, he chats with Tiffani Knowles about how today’s racial climate compares to that of 1989.

“As Americans, we can’t get so complacent that – because Barack Obama is in the White House – we somehow get hoodwinked or bamboozled, thinking that racism is a thing of the past,” Spike tells the NEWD Radio host.

Frankie Fraison, who played Coconut Sid in the flick, also weighs in on the race issue.

“If there was any one thing I would stress, it would be tolerance. That was what my character was about. And I think that that’s what’s needed in this county now,” he tells Tiffani.

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One thought on “Spike Lee: Racism Is Still Festering in America

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    Mr Lee-

    Here is a compelling cause for you, fit as a 20th birthday gift to match the movie — DO THE RIGHT THING!

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    Therefore, we are also seeking international observers/monitors…
    Facts check references:
    1) Official reports of the LAPD from 2006 is the primary reference (below).
    2) For estimate of # of Rampart-FIPs at 10,000 (a low, conservative estimate) various sources were used, most easily quoted- PBS Frontline, 2001(below):
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    PBS Frontline (2001):
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    Joseph Zernik


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