Sun's CEO Jonathan Schwartz on Software Freedom

What’s the future of the Internet?

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems joined Sun News on BlogTalkRadio to talk about software freedom, open source, and the changing nature of the technology world.

Schwartz drops by to discuss the meaning of software freedom, and how Sun has embraced it for its business model.  Software freedom, according to Schwartz can be an “instrument of driving change, not only in the technology landscape, but also in society more broadly.”  He believes in the Internet’s ability to increase opportunity.

Open source should be embraced.  According to Schwartz, “open source is a critical enabler” that can benefit a variety of users, from college students, to start-ups, to Fortune 500 companies.

Schwartz also predicts that the future of the internet is still free for the end-user, in social networks, media, and beyond.  He predicts that “if one company is not providing a free service, there will likely be another one that is providing a free service.”  This competition drives innovation.

Take a listen to the archived interview, and you’ll catch Jonathan’s enthusiasm about what they are working on at Sun, and the potential of software freedom to engage and empower.

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