Taking Conferences to a Whole New Level


I’m remembering a day in 1999 0r 2000 when I was trying to explain to my 90-something  grandmother how email and faxes worked.  Finally, she stopped me and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about but you must be really smart if you can talk to people on the computer all day.” No Grandma, I’m not all that. The people who invented these amazing ways to communicate are the smart ones, I just learn how to use it to the best of my ability. That’s why I read Seth Godin’s post Reinventing the Conference Call with interest. When one works for a virtual company, one finds many creative ways to communicate. At BlogTalkRadio we rock the conference calls on a daily basis, taken to a whole new level when accompanied by Skype front and backchannels . It goes deeper than that though.

Without getting all “I heart BlogTalkRadio and here’s why…” on you, Seth’s post got me thinking even more about what is offered here, and even on other sites, on a regular basis. In 2009 we have this incredible ability to take conferences and classes to an entirely different level. We can take a tutorial such as BlogTalkRadio 101 and instead of one person coming on each week and saying, “Step 1: Sign up for BlogTalkRadio”, we  communicate with listeners via chat and phone. They tell us live what’s on their mind, and we can offer immediate assistance. We  invite new listeners to join us with our “Tweet This” and “Share This” buttons,  take it all in on our cell phones and participate from our laptops on the back deck. The one thing we can’t complain about in 2009 is a lack of communication.

Seth Godin’s post surprised me because he acted as if text chatting while listening is a bold, new concept. The reality is, many of us have been using it for years.

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