Talia Shire (yes, THE Talia Shire) to Dish About Godfather Trilogy!

Having played two of the most memorable movie characters of all time – Connie Corleone in The Godfather trilogy and (Yo) Adrian Pennino in Rocky’s I though V – Talia Shire is extremely high on our list of all-time favorite actors.

So it should come as no surprise that we break into caps mode when telling you that TALIA IS ON BLOGTALKRADIO TONIGHT!

An interview you can't refuse.

Screen legend Talia Shire: An interview you can't refuse

At 9 p.m. EDT, Back By Midnight host Aaron Aradillas talks with Francis Ford Coppola’s sister about the new Godfather box set, as well as other great films in her distinguished career.

But just when we’ve settled back into lower-case mode, we have no choice but to hit the “shift” key because ALSO ON THE SHOW WILL BE GORDON WILLIS!

Gordon, as cinefiles well know, was the cinematographer on The Godfather flicks, as well as on many of Woody Allen’s greatest hits, including Annie Hall, Manhattan, Zelig and Broadway Danny Rose.

So leave the remote, take the cannolis, and log onto this incredible show pronto!

One thought on “Talia Shire (yes, THE Talia Shire) to Dish About Godfather Trilogy!

  1. manuel

    Cordial greetings,
    I write you from Ecuador I am an admirer of Rocky’s movie and I congratulate you for all your performances that have been formidable, he/she gives me sadness that you don’t participate in the movie, but me full with happiness to know in the sixth rocky part that you are well next to your children, you pass it very well.

    Your admirer


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