Talkers: BlogTalkRadio and The State of Internet Talk

Jayne Pearl, Special Projects Editor, Talkers Magazine, penned an article titled “The State of Internet Talk,” in which BlogTalkRadio was prominently featured. A PDF of the article, which was originally published in the March 2008 issue of Talkers, can be found here.

Talkers The article premise is that:

“…Internet talk radio has been growing steadily” and “…a strong case can be made that Internet talk radio is rapidly on its way to being a major media movement in popular culture.”

“BlogTalkRadio, which bills itself as the first social broadcasting network, includes many hosts whose shows are obscure, but somehow manage to nab guests who are anything but –– including the likes of Yoko Ono, presidential candidate Senator John McCain, Brad Pitt, Frank Rich and best-selling authors.”

CEO Alan Levy was quoted as saying:

“If Nike wants to focus on a sports category, we can give them 5,000 impressions or video pre-rolls, audio ads. We can drill down further to, say, college radio. Or to March Madness. We target exactly what advertisers want. If a host brings us a sponsor to their radio show, we’ll share the revenue 50-50 with that host. If we bring advertisers to the table, then the hosts get 35% and we’ll get 65%. By having a platform that incentivizes the hosts, they have more interest in promoting their show and creating content.”

An online version of the entire article can be found on the Talkers Magazine web site (subscription required) here or via the downloadable PDF.

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