Talkers Mag: BlogTalkRadio Is ‘Redefining the Meaning of Grassroots Radio’

Sure BlogTalkRadio, what with its legions of expert, hard-working hosts, generates ample media coverage week in, week out (for which we are ever appreciative).

But rare is the occasion when the network—or, more precisely, its founder and CEO, Alan Levy—is splashed across the cover of a magazine.

Cover-age galore: Our own Alan Levy takes the stage.

Cover-age galore: Our own Alan Levy takes center stage.

In a  2,100-word report headlined “BlogTalkRadio Shows Amazing Innovation, Growth and Potential,” the new issue of Talkers details how BTR is “redefining the meaning of grassroots radio.”

“Whether it is empowering citizen journalists to better tell their story or enabling publishers of online newspapers, magazines and books to create and share a new form of interactive, monetizable content, BlogTalkRadio provides solutions to fuel the continued online conversation,” the mag quotes Alan saying.

Also cited isformer NBC News correspondent and current Worldfocus host Martin Savidge, who notes that BTR “makes it possible for us to hold a global conversation, where the world not only can tune in but call in. The most complicated and difficult international stories can now be covered using just a cell phone.”

SAJA host Sree Sreenivasan, who is dean of student affairs at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, weighs in as well, telling Talkers, “I am able to use BlogTalkRadio to connect with current and potential audiences and bring more timely, high-quality speakers on major issues from around the world to people around the world.”

Movie Geeks United!, too, is highlighted. “Meet Jamey DuVall,” reads the lead. “During the day, Jamey works in marketing for a health care company in Florida. But several times a week, using a regular telephone as a microphone, he sits down with his buddy and co-host Jerry Dennis to interview some of the biggest names in the film industry on their online radio show, Movie Geeks United!

“DuVall started the online talk show on three years ago to share his love for film with others. Now, Movie Geeks United! is one of the most popular movie-themed podcasts not only on BlogTalkRadio, but across the internet and iTunes. The show reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners with regular interviews with film superstars such as Francis Ford Coppola, Jeff Goldblum, Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Piven, Brian De Palma and more.”

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