Tech Bloggers Amy Gahran and Weston Locher Muse on BlogTalkRadio and Cinchcast

“Whether you’re a citizen journalist, podcaster or simply interested in sharing some sound with friends, your cell phone can become your mobile radio studio.”

That according to, in a story by Mobile-tech columnist Amy Gahran headlined “Turning Your Phone into a Radio studio.”'s Amy: Knows the power of BlogTalkRadio and Cinch in creating content in the field.

Amy: Knows the power of BlogTalkRadio and Cinch in creating content in the field.

Amywhose blog offers “news and musings on how we communicate in the online age”goes on cite tips from a new MobileActive guide to making mobile audio in the field.

But then she adds her own tips as follows:

“If your phone does not have an audio recorder, you can set up an account at Cinchcast and use their dial-in access number to record sound.

“Recording a phone call is another option. You can use a service like BlogTalk Radio… to record a phone call between two or more people and automatically stream or save that audio online.”

Separately, Weston Locher, whose online Musings on Minutiae columns were compiled into a book of the same name in December, writes this week:

“During the process of releasing my humor book… I did a ton of research on how to market it and find a readership. I read a lot of great books on the subject and what felt like a million websites trying to absorb as much as I could on the process.

“What I realized is that while there are a ton of ideas out there, a lot of them are just rehashes of one another, and many marketing techniques require quite a bit of money that most authors do not seem to have just laying around.”

Weston: Has Proven BlogTalkRadio moves books.

Weston: Has proven BlogTalkRadio moves books.

Hence, Weston has launched a series of columns that detail techniques he found to be successful in resulting in sales of Musings on Minutiae. The title of his maiden column in that series? “Promoting Your Book Online Through Social Networking:”

Here’s a sampling:

“Why BlogTalkRadio (BTR) is such a powerful tool is that it combines both Internet Radio and Podcasting into one simple website that does not require you to be a computer geek. It simply requires you to be able to read the instructions, and you can be broadcasting a show online in no time…

“Where BlogTalkRadio becomes awesome is that several hours after each show has air, they are available from the show’s page as an MP3 download where users can store the show on their hard drive and then add it to their iPod in order to listen later. BAM: Instant podcast…

“Take a quick spin around the BlogTalkRadio home page and you will see what’s broadcasting live at any given time. There are shows about politics, finances, sports, culture, family, and of course … (wait for it)… BOOKS! The best part about all of these people broadcasting their shows is that they need not only things to talk about, but people to talk to. And that’s where we, the authors, come in.”

Click here to read’s “Turning Your Phone into a Radio Studio.”

Click here to read Weston Locher’s “Promoting Your Book Online Through Social Networking:”

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