Peter K’s Thanksgiving Survival Strategies

OK, time for turkey and enjoying family. Did you also know this is a great time to stay focused on your health and keeping stress at bay?

To lean more about enjoying Thanksgiving while staying healthy, read on – and don’t forget to tune into The Peter K Show every Thursday at 3 p.m. ET:

—Food: Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner – without overeatingturkey3

—Fitness: Work out to counteract extra calories

—Mind/Body: Stay focused through the holidays

—Ask PT Pete: Strengthen your abs… while driving?

—Music: Get “Stronger” with Kanye West


Try this eating strategy:

Allow yourself to eat foods you really like instead of avoiding or limiting them. By allowing yourself to eat the foods you like you will counteract the negative feelings you have when you try to avoid those foods. It serves as a reverse psychology, and it works. Just make sure you eat well and exercise the day before and after and allow yourself to indulge. You will probably eat less and feel OK about it. Try it.


Plan how and when you will exercise:

Don’t leave fitness to chance this week and throughout the holiday season. Plan for success by exercising in 5-minute intervals this week. Exercise every morning, even if it’s just for 5 minutes this week, and make sure you have breakfast. joggers2

Simple, right? Well, the fact is, you are more likely to exercise and eat healthy if you keep it simple and realistic. You will then feel better because you did it and will build on those good feelings and success. Keep it simple!

Exercising during long holiday drives or flights:

Sit tall while driving and lift your chest up. Gently tighten your stomach and butt muscles and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this 10 times. This will strengthen your core, decrease back pain and make you feel good about yourself. Also take frequent breaks when driving or stand often if flying. Arch your back and use a back support/pillow to sit straight.


Staying focused through the holidays:

Want to never have a New Year’s health resolution again? Start now by following the strategies above. Plan your meals and exercise before and after the holidays and you will be 70% more likely to keep the weight off come January 1. If you don’t plan your meals or exercise you are 30% likely to succeed. Take the better adds and write your plan down where you can see it. Use this stressful time of year to take control instead of feeling out of control and more stressed. Remember, keep it simple and fun. You can do it. Hook up with a partner if that helps.kanye-west1

Music to soothe the savage beast within: Artist: Kanye West. Song: Stronger. Album: Graduation.

Need a battle cry to make it through the holiday season? Crank this song up to get pumped! Get some new music for this holiday season to keep you motivated and focused.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Peter K, MS, PT
Fitness Director

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