The Have’s and Have Not’s

Let me start by saying that I am a have not. No, I am not talking about my family, my personal life or professional life.

I am talking about my standing as a blogger in the blogosphere. Like many of us bloggers, I know how easy it is to get lost in the millions of blogs out there on the net. Just consider Technorati: they have indexed over 47 million blogs to date, yet they highlight a specific Top 100 Blogs.

Whether one relies on the Technorati 100 or Blogebrity’s A List, it’s clear that the blogosphere is a world of Have’s and Have Not’s. And frankly, only about two bloggers out of every million have meaningful traffic and readership. How do you garner an audience when you’re up against such odds?!

It’s obvious that thousands of bloggers out there are top-notch, with lots to say and readers who are all too happy to keep up with each post. Yet, in the recent craze where bloggers were told they could earn a living through their blog, many of us are discovering that no matter how good a blogger you are, something in the equation is still missing.

How Have Not’s Are Becoming Have’s
Being a Have Not doesn’t mean you have a less provocative point of view than the next guy. It’s simply too hard to be heard in the clutter of dialogue that exists in the blogosphere today. Mind share and attentive eyeballs are a difficult thing to come by.

But guess what…

The Have Not’s become Have’s by discovering new solutions. If eyeballs are hard to come by, go after their ears! We all know that multimedia blogs fare far better than plain text blogs. But where you can surge ahead and conquer your share of the blogosphere is by taking your blog to the next level.

If you want to invigorate and expand your audience, engage them in a real-time, live show where they can not only listen in, but can also call in and directly converse with you and other callers.

Think of it this way. Would Howard Stern be very interesting in print? Maybe. But his show is a cornerstone of American pop culture because the live interaction allows for unexpected fun, heated debates, and an expose of human nuances.

Can You Make Your Talk Show a Hit?
Stay plugged into this blog. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be posting tips, guides, and articles here to help you get started on We’ll show you how to promote your show, expand your audience, inter-promote your talk show and your existing blog, plus much more.

We’ll even show you how we’re going to help you earn that living with your Broadcast Blog!

So stay tuned…

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