The Naked Cowboy: Nobody’s Crazy Enough to Mess with Me!

The Naked Cowboy may look vulnerable – standing in the middle of Times Square night and day dressed only in boots, brim and BVDs – but woe to the man who’d try anything funny.

In a spanking-new interview with World Talk Live!, host Brett Cohen asks TNC, “Has anyone ever pulled your underwear down – or given you a wedgie?”

Don’t you dare “pick” on him.

Don’t “pick” on this tumbleweed troubadour.

Without hesitation, the warbling wrangler – who’s arguably the most famous street performer on the planet – snaps back:

“I’ve had attempts, but my underwear is, lit- erally, size 16. They’re as tight as you can imagine. I wear two pairs at all times. One pair is folded down so, you know – Superman didn’t walk around with a softball in his pants.

“And nobody’s going to assume they’re crazier than me and mess with me,” adds the 38-year- old Cincinnati native.

“Once in a while you get someone who is, literally, deranged. But all I got to do is snap my fingers, whistle, and there’s 50 cops there.”

The buff buckaroo born Robert John Burck, who recently launched a line of Naked Whey protein supplements (below), also recounts how he has been arrested 48 times for doing his skivvies-only schtick in various outdoor locations around the U.S.naked-whey-11

“What exactly were the charges?” asks Brett.

“Being too cool for the city,” says TNC.

And perhaps most fascinating, the birthday-suited crooner explains how he (remember: this guy’s purely a street performer) earns thousands of dollars each month in ASCAP royalties from his musical compositions.

To hear TNC’s explanation for that conundrum, along with other fascinating tidbits, click here.

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