Tidings of Comfort and – Oh, Mama! ‘Obama Girl’ Bids BTR Happy Holidays from Inside the Beltway

Here’s a bit of breaking news we suspect you won’t be reading elsewhere:


"BlogTalkRadio makes America proud," says Amber.

Amber Lee Ettinger – aka “Obama Girl” – has apparently been appointed to President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet!

Don’t believe us?  Well, you need only take a gander at her just-dispatched BarelyPolitical.com holiday card to know we speak the truth.

In it, the Access New York host issues a special address to the BlogTalkRadio family from the, ah, Oval Office, reassuring us – and all of America – that she’s “confident” she and Obama can “fix the country’s problems.”

To see Amber in action, click here.

To hear Access New York with Amber & Kelly, which airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. ET on BlogTalkRadio click here.

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