Top 5 Tips for Having Your Show Featured at BlogTalkRadio


by Deborah Ng

How to have a featured show is something that’s talked about often on BlogTalkRadio. The truth is, we have so much good content, it can be a difficult decision to pick which material makes it to the features box.

There are plenty of perks to having a featured show. The segment appears on the BlogTalkRadio home page, and our outreach team promotes the content to blogs, news outlets and on the social networks to bring in more listeners. Again though, we receive so many requests every day, we have to choose the best of the lot for a feature.

How can you stand out from the crowd and catch our eye?

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. It’s not always a simple thing to feature a show on the home page. There are images to fiddle around with, words to type and more. With enough notice we can feature your show and take the time needed to promote it properly. When we receive requests at the last minute, this isn’t possible.
  2. Don’t submit a feature request for every show, only those that have a notable guest or timely topic. We like to give everyone a fair shake, so if you’re featured often we make pass on some of your shows to give the spotlight to someone else with something to spotlight.
  3. Make sure you have descriptive, well  written show paragraphs. We can’t feature segments that don’t offer any details about the day’s topic or guest.
  4. Don’t leave it all up to us. Show us that you’re also willing to promote your show. Advertise on your blog or website, including embedding the show player. Reach out to bloggers and other folks in your niche. Spread the word using Twitter, MySpace and FaceBook.
  5. Use our automated form. We don’t accept emailed requests for features. If you have a show you feel worthy of a front page mention, use our automated feature request form. You will this in the “My BTR” section of the website.

We love to feature your shows, and it’s our pleasure to reach out and promote the  content. There’s nothing we like more than to watch your rise to glory. If you would like to have your show featured, go the extra mile. Send us an image of your featured guest, do some promoting on your own, and give us proper notice. In return, we’ll see what we can do to get your show noticed. Remember, when you succeed, we succeed.

One thought on “Top 5 Tips for Having Your Show Featured at BlogTalkRadio

  1. Michael Todd

    I think you just missed my show, I had scheduled it for 0730am, 31st October 2009,I just seen the e-mail reminder says 0230-0315hrs, Saturday 31st October 2009. What should I do and How do I get “On The Air” for next time , is there a notification button to click onto? thanks Michael


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