The USPTO Thinks BTR is Pretty Cool (and we got a patent to prove it!)

Earlier this month, our parent company Cinchcast was issued a patent from the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for its interactive audio publishing platform that powers BlogTalkRadio.  As a result, hosts on our network are now using a technology that is not available on any other platform but ours.  Here’s what Alan Levy, our CEO had to say about it: “When we created the Cinchcast platform in Fall of 2006, we believed that we had invented a new way to use the phone. In essence, we transformed the phone into a publishing platform.”

We are really excited that the USPTO recognizes how innovative and unique our platform is.  Our technology is the only one of its kind that has allowed for thousands of hosts to share their voice and interact with millions of listeners across the world.  We think the USPTO is right to think that’s pretty cool!  You can read more about our patent here.

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