The View from the Lone Red Seat: Seamheads talks to Boston Red Sox Legend Rico Petrocelli


Dave Rattigan, Chris Mascaro, and Bob Lazzari talk to former Boston Red Sox player Rico Petrocelli. After an opening discussion of the Red Sox’s recent come-from-behind win over the Detroit Tigers, they welcome Petrocelli to discuss a recent hot topic in baseball – the question of whether clutch hitters can be said to exist.

“Every hitter gets clutch hits,” Petrocelli says, but thinks that the definition is slippery. A single, he says, can in certain situations be said to be a clutch hit as much as a grand slam can.

Petrocelli shares his opinions on other aspects of the game, such as the value of trying for home runs rather than base hits, and compares the Red Sox’s current season to those in 2004 and 1967.

Listen to the full show here.

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