What’s Kelly Brady Doing in That Bathtub? (Wouldn’t YOU Like to Know)

Up until recently, Kelly Brady was the (slightly) more conservative half of BlogTalkRadio’s Access New York team.

And who could blame her, what with her co-host being Internet super- star Amber Lee Ettinger – aka “Obama Girl.”

“It’s absolutely magical because once you get in it, you feel really comfortable. It’s hiding all your ‘trouble’ areas,” says Kelly of the tub.

"It’s absolutely magical because once you get in, all your ‘trouble’ areas are hidden," says Kelly.

But all that stands to change once the world gets an eyeful of…

On, ah, second thought, we don’t want to spoil the project.

Why not?

Because Kelly does it herself on this week’s edition of the ever- pop- ular gossip and entertainment show.

To find out exactly why the delicious diva was taking a bubble bath on the red carpet, click here.

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