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According to a nationwide survey, nearly one of every three drivers on the road say they have difficulty seeing all or most of the time while driving in the dark. On the new edition of Healthy Vision™ with Dr. Val Jones, optometrist Dr. Cristina Schnider joins Dr. Val to talk about some difficulties of night driving and tips on how to keep you and your family safe in the car. Also, John Ulczycki of the National Safety Council provides helpful advice for parents on how to help their teens become better night time drivers. Tune in now to the new episode, Driving In The Dark.

Deepak Chopra Radio this week welcomes leading international executive, writer, and keynote speaker for over 25 years, Rinaldo Brutoco. He uniquely combines theory and practice to assist executives and organizations in adapting to change with breakthrough ideas.  In this engaging episode, the two discuss Occupy Wall Street from a micro and macro economic perspective. 

On the most recent edition of The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, Frank welcomes Maddox, the founder of The Best Page in the Universe or from his book The Alphabet of Manliness.  Frank will catch up with him on these projects and talk about his latest on called I Am Better Than Your Kids. Tune in here.


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