What’s Cooking at Blog Talk Radio?


I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but my sister and I have a food blog we like to post on during our spare time. Today, I started looking around at some of our food oriented programming to see if I could talk about any of the shows there. As I was poking around it occured to me some of the newer members of our community, and the food lovers in cyberspace, might not be aware of some of our programs for foodies.

Here are few food or cooking programs you might find interesting:

The Recipe Box has a slogan on its home page: Food + Family = Life. We couldn’t agree more.  Each segnment features food memories, recipes, cooking tips, charitable events, food related travel and more.

The Grocery Shopping Guru offers shopping tips, money saving tips and more.

On Ask the Chef, Chef Shane answers all your basic – and not so basic – questions about food, equipment, cooking and more.

Eating to Live brings you the best hin healthy eating.

Burnt Food Dude is a man after my own heart. He offers tips on barbecueing, grilling and maintaining equipment.

In the Kitchen is part of the Radio WD channel of programs. Celebrate all things food!

Family Food Experts Ellen Briggs and Dr. Sally Byrd bring you Better Food Choices.

Enjoy today’s menu – and the rest of your weekend!

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