What’s Going On? February 5, 2009


Behold today’s BlogTalkRadio highlights:

  • Don’t miss Social Media Remix at 11:30. Hosted by Lotame Solutions, each program is packed with valuable advice, commentary and special inside information from social media industry expert Scott Hoffman who chats today about trends in mobile and microblogging with Adam Broitman from Crayon.
  • At noon, SOBcon welcomes award-winning film director and blogger, Thomas Clifford.
  • WZAP Radio features a conversation with special guests, actresses Lucy Hale and Debbie Ryan, tonight at 8:00.

For a complete rundown of all of our BlogTalkRadio programming, please see our On Air Schedule.

One thought on “What’s Going On? February 5, 2009

  1. roadsassy

    I have spent the last ten minutes trying to listen to one of my favorite shows and the damn page still will not load. I would pay good money to hear the shows I come to blog talk radio to listen to, if only they would get off your inefficient, bloated, poorly designed, ugly as sin site. Who the hell would pay to advertise with you? Each and every time I come here, it is the same problems. I’ve tried you in four different browsers. Why don’t you just shut down until you get the damn thing right.


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