What's Going On? Finally Friday Edition!

The Gits' Mia Zapata

The Gits' Mia Zapata

Happy Friday, radio fans.  Do you have great weekend plans? You know, even if you’re away from your laptop you can still listen to great segments. Download your BlogTalkRadio favorites and take them with you!  I like to remind listeners about our in demand programming because I often hear from people who would like to tune in but don’t think they can because they missed the live broadcast. Don’t ever let that deter you from taking in a great segment!

We’re having another one of those days where our “studios” are filled with so much awesome content I don’t know if I have space to mention it all.  I’ll do my darndest though…check out the highlights:

  • Did you know the D.O.D has a regular segment on BlogTalkRadio? That’s right. Today at the Department of Defense Blogger’s Roundtable: More than 100 active and Reserve Sailors and Soldiers, mainly from MDSU-2 Norfolk and the U.S. Army Dive Company from Fort Eustis, Va., have been working since June 1 to raise the former Soviet submarine K-77, also known as Juliet 484. The 1960’s-era Soviet cruise missile submarine-turned-museum sank at the pier during a nor’easter on April 17, 2007. This is worth a listen as the sub has a great history. Today at 9:30 a.m. EST.
  • Don’t miss World Talk Live‘s Seinfeld Special today at 6:00 p.m. EST. Liz Sheridan, who played
    Liz Sheridan with Jerry Seinfeld

    Liz Sheridan with Jerry Seinfeld

    Jerry’s mom in the series and Soup Nazi Larry Thomas are coming by to answer questions and reminisce.

  • Writers and journalists will be interested to learn the Columbia Journalism School will present a discussion about instructional technology for the 2008-09 academic year. Get all your technology questions answered by sending them in advance to: dos@jrn.columbia.edu. Today’s speakers are Larry Fried, Assistant Dean for Technology, and Craig Hettich Broadcast Technology Manager. That’s this morning at 12:30 p.m.
  • Tonight on After Dark Radio, who killed Mia Zapata? Guests Kerri O’Kane and Jessica Bender discuss their film “The Gits“: The rousing and heartbreaking story of Seattle band The Gits, whose promising start was cut short by the tragic murder of spirited lead singer Mia Zapata. 10:00 pm. EST.
  • Natalie, from the MTV reality program “Legally Blonde: The Search for the Next Elle Woods” is a guest on Hollywood Hits today to dish on what really went down behind the scenes. This afternoon at 3:00 p.m. EST.

Not too shabby, right? And that’s only a few of the highlights. Do check out today’s On Air Schedule for a complete rundown.

Have a great weekend!

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