What’s Going On? January 23, 2009

Welcome to the TGIF edition of What’s Going On. Stay close to your laptops today, online radio fans, because today BlogTalkRadio doesn’t disappoint. Check out our highlights: (All times EST)

  • Mr.Media interviews Hannah Montana star Katerina Graham this afternoon at 1:00.
  • Voice Vibe welcomes Deborah Norville who will be talking about her new book, “Thank You Power” this morning at 9:00.
  • Today on Reads that Rock, Rachel is talking about books that empower us. Listen in at 11:00 a.m.
  • @WarrenWhitlock is interviewing Shel Israel, author of “Naked Conversations” today at noon.

Please see the On Air Schedule for a list of all of today’s BlogTalkRadio programming.

One thought on “What’s Going On? January 23, 2009

  1. Maxi

    This is great! I’m a new blogger, just found this on Technorati. It’s going on my Fave list and e-mail.

    May Your Glass Always Be Half Full


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