What's Going On? July 29, 2008

Martha Byrne

Martha Byrne

I’m so excited to tell you about today’s highlights. Every day our hosts even more discussion-worthy topics and noteable guests – we’re really giving the big boys a run for their money, aren’t we. Here are today’s highlights. As always, hosts are welcome to post their own highlights in the comments.

  • Tonight the hosts of Haunted Southern Nights welcome Ryan Buell, Founder of PSPRS and the star of Paranormal State, the A&E television series. Ryan Buell founded the Paranormal Research Society the first month he arrived on campus in September 2001. Buell always knew he was interested in the paranormal ever since he could read. He regularly checked out books from the library ranging from poltergeists to the Bermuda Triangle. A native of Sumter, South Carolina, Buell began investigating at the age of 15. Tune in at 9:00 p.m. EST.
  • Today’s guest on Buzzworthy Radio was Martha Byrne, who many fans know and love as the former Lily Walsh Snyder from CBS Daytime’s As The World Turns, Byrne, who also played the role of twin sister Rose D’Angelo on the daytime drama, will be taking you phone calls and questions about her time on the show, and what to expect from her career, whether it is television film, and music.
  • Betty Jo Tucker chatted with Octavio Gomez Berrios, winner of the 2008 Method Fest Breakthrough Actor Award. Octavio droped by to talk about his key role in Harrison Montgomery, a gritty and ethereal indie film also starring scar winner Martin Landau. Director Daniel Davila joins Octavio in a surprise call!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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