What's Going On? October 30, 2008

Check out today’s highlights. As always, BlogTalkRadio offers something for everyone!

All times EST:

  • Every Thursday it’s all about the BlogTalkRadio community as my co-host Shaun Daily and I get together for BlogTalkRadio Insider. Today at 4:00, our Director of Customer Relations Christina Blodgett joins us to talk about our Terms of Use and answer any questions you might have.
  • The Recipe Box is offering a comforting peek inside the newest edition of the “Old Farmer’s Almanac Cookbook” tonight at 8:00. Listen live for a chance at winning a cookbook!
  • Terry Serpico plays Frank Sherwood on “Army Wives.” He’ll talk about his film and television career tonight at 9:30 p.m. with Olivia Wilder.
  • What is SocialVibe and why are all the celebrities flocking to it? Find out at noon on WordsCause.
  • If it’s Thursday it must be FlyLady and Friends. Your mission today is to join Marla and the FlyBabies for some great tips for keeping organized and keeping your sanity. Tune in this afternoon at 2:00.
  • It’s no secret astronaut Edgar Mitchell believes in visitors from other planets. Tune in to the Paranormal Palace this morning at 11:00 to learn why.
  • Kimberly Turner, founder of Regator.com, is a guest on Blogger’s School this evenign at 8:00 p.m.

Now don’t despair if you miss a live broadcast, all of these segments are available on demand immediately following the broadcast. In the meantime, check out our On Air Schedule for a complete rundown of all of today’s BlogTalkRadio programming.

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