What's Going On? October 7, 2008

Remembering Paul Newman

Welcome to another day chock-full of interesting content. Here are today’s highlights, proving once again, there’s something for everyone at BlogTalkRadio. (All times EST)

  • Paul Newman wasn’t only an actor. He was a devoted husband and father, philanthropist and entreprenur. Betty Jo Tucker remembers Mr. Newman on Movie Addicts this afternoon at 4;00. Joining her will be movie critic John P. McCarthy, publisher Denise Cassino and Hayes Ferguson from Legacy.com.
  • Scrapple Sandwich features an interview with UFC Champ Houston Alexander tonight at 9.
  • Have you ever wanted to write an eBook, but you weren’t quite sure how to get it published or marketed? Join me on FWJ Radio this morning at 11:00 when I welcome multiple eBook author, Jennifer Mattern, who will discuss the how’s, why’s and where’s.
  • Today at noon,  on In the Kitchen, learn all about Sensational Stir Fries.
  • Social Media expert Chris Brogan was on with Ron Hudson last night to discuss social media business strategies. Listening in to the enlightening interview.
  • The holidays are coming! Simply Organized offers tips for staying organized during the holidays. This morning at 10.
  • NBA Star Alonzo Mourning discusses his book “Resilliance” with C.A. Webb this afternoon at 1.

For the full lineup of all of today’s BlogTalkRadio programmng, please visit the On Air Schedule. As always, all segments are available on demand immediately following the live broadcast.

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