What's Going On? September 8, 2008

Susan Powter

Susan Powter

Monday always shows such promise. It’s the start of a whole new week – and new segments from favorite hosts and brand new personalties. I hope you’re starting the week with the same enthusiasm! Here are today’s highlights to get you through your day – all times EDT:

  • The trial of OJ Simpson vs the state of Nevada begins. The Court Of Public Opinion with Norman Pardo covers the first day of the trial and the opening remarks. Join the show and find out the story behind the trial and what is driving the public opinion. You can become a jury member and state your case on guilt or innocence. Tonight at 9:00.
  • Remember Susan Powter? She had all of those boisterous “Stop the Insanity!” weight loss infomercials in the early ’90’s. Tonight she visits with the Midlife Gals and talks about her much-anticipated comeback. Don’t miss it tonight at 7:00.
  • This morning at 11:00, In Touch Radio will feature discussions about your favorite ABC Soaps!
  • Jesse Godderz from Big Brother 10 is visiting Reality Check Radio tonight at 11:00 p.m. He’s taking calls so stop by early to listen in or interact.
  • On the Swollen Dome, Mike Harmon, contributor to FOXSports.com and FOX Sports Radio, reviews the good, bad and ugly of Week 1. He’s joined by Derrick Deese, Super Bowl champ with the 49ers and FOX Sports Radio co-host. Nothing is off-limits when Deese and Harmon get together to talk NFL. Tune in this afternoon at 2:00.

As always, this is just a tiny sampling of today’s great programming. Do check out our On Air Schedule for the complete rundown of today’s BlogTalkRadio segments.

Have a great day!


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