What’s Going On? Wednesday, January 14, 2009


by Deb

BlogTalkRadio continues to deliver. Check out today’s highlights, as usual, all times EST:

If you’re new to BlogTalkRadio or just want a refresher course, Nikki Starr is offering New Host Training this afternoon at 1:00 p.m.

  • Comedienne Judy Tenuta is visiting with the Punk Princess this afternoon at 1:30.
  • The Empty Nesters are welcoming back Damian Holbrook, Senior Writer for T.V. Guide. Topis of discussion include some favorite shows such as American Idol and Lost. Don’t miss it this afternoon at 2:00.
  • The CrunchGear team analyzes the latest tech news and gadgets this afternoon at 3:00.
  • Rick Cooper tells us how to create our “social media explosion” this evening at 6:00.
  • The Niche Blog Academy teaches a topic near and dear to my heart tonight at 7:00 – How to start a blog from scratch.
  • Pro Wrestler Rob VanDam is the voice behind the very entertaining RVD Radio tonight at 9:00.

For a full rundown of all of today’s BlogTalkRadio programming, please see our On Air Schedule.

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