What's Up With the Weather?


I don’t know what it’s like in your neck of the woods, but the East Coast has had more of its fair share of rain lately. We’ll have a day of beautiful, summery weather, followed by a week of rain, a pattern I can live without.The recent weather events have found me researching the contents of the BlogTalkRadio vault to see what kinds of weather related programming we had in our archives.  I was almost pleasantly surprised by the results. I say “almost” because it’s true, you really can find all kind of content at BlogTalkRadio!

  • Rockwood Wardrobing gave us the low down on summer essentials with their 2009 Warm Weather Must Haves show.
  • Live in the Tornado Belt? The Tornado Research show brings you all the latest tornado-related news.
  • This past March, Mr. Media interviewed Good Morning America Weatherman, Sam Champion.
  • The Weather Channels VP Programming, Tom Pratt visited with Tracy Swedlow last November.
  • The Pain Reliever featured a fascinating discussion regarding weather and chronic pain – are they related?
  • Ok, so it’s getting warmer now, but bookmark this one for the fall. Burnt Food Dude offered tips for cold-weather cooking.
  • Here’s another one to bookmark – The Lucky Dog show discussed cold weather care tips for our canine best friends.

Hope you enjoy all of our weather-related programming!

2 thoughts on “What's Up With the Weather?

  1. Robert

    Ya we here in Michigan are getting the same crap, the temps aren’t bad but you still get down into the mid to low 60’s and then keep your fingers crossed it might or it might not rain for 2 days, what the heck, I ride motorcycle and have to flip a coin on what days I can ride. Why is it lately that it takes summer soooo long to get started, I like how the weather guy says we are in the norms for temps right now, how about the dog gone rain, give it a break mom nature, I know it’s great for the eco system but for cryin out loud it would be nice to enjoy the out doors for more that one day a week…
    The weekends that another story in itself…

    TaTa for now and thanx for letting me vent.


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