Why BlogTalkRadio Works – A Testimonial

Anyone who’d been paying attention to media knows that it’s fracturing into tiny bits. Now, with a few clicks of a mouse, I can be transported to a community that shares the same interests I do. The Internet and new media tools like blogs, podcasts and social radio have made building a community around niche topics simple and free of geographical constraint.

With such niche content spread all over, there is surely someone who shares your passion. But suppose there isn’t one blog or podcast that interests you. Or maybe you think you can do better.

THEN YOU CAN. Produce your own show on BlogTalkRadio.

But don’t take my word for it. We stumbled upon this post titled The Blogtalkradio Service” from The Speculist, the blog for the FastForward Radio show, where Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon take an optimistic look at the future. In his post, Stephen details three reasons he recommends BlogTalkRadio:

  1. It’s Free: no hosting fee or bandwidth charges
  2. It’s Live: greater interaction with the audience
  3. No Startup costs: if you’ve got a phone and a computer, you’re set

I encourage you to read the whole post, Stephen’s clearly been around the block and has some stories to share.

And that’s why BlogTalkRadio works. Anyone can host a show. We provide you with the tools to share your interests, to voice your opinions, and to speak your mind. So what’s stopping you?

Oh, and Stephen, one more thing. The mp3s can also be downloaded right there from your host page. 😉

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