‘Women Behind the Walls’ Gets Behind the Case of Convicted (But Innoncent?) Murderer Kara Garvin

It takes one to free one—a wrongly accused murderer, that is.

So hopes Audrey Dotson, whose daughter, Kara Garvin, is serving life in prison at Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, Ohio. That for gunning down a family of three in their trailer home three years ago.

CAPTION: "I want to get it out there, the questions in Kara's case," says Audrey (above in today's Trib).

"I want to get it out there, the questions in Kara's case," says Audrey (above in her hometown paper).

As reported in today’s Ironton (Ohio) Tribune, Audrey will appear this evening on Women Behind the Walls to voice what she says is the truth in the case of Kara—who has maintained her innocence, claiming she wasn’t at the slain family’s home at the time of the murder.

“There are two things I want to accomplished,” Audrey tells the Tribune of her interview with hosts Gloria Killian and Mary Ellen DiGiacomo.

“I want people to understand there are innocent people in prison. I want them to know the things in Kara’s case that were never brought up. The stories that you hear are not the whole story.”

Another reason for Audrey’s appearance is that Gloria has firsthand experience on this front. Our host spent 16 years—of a 32-year sentence—in prison for allegedly masterminding a 1981 robbery and murder. But she too maintained her innocence throughout her trial and incarceration.

CAPTION: Gloria: A convict no more-and fighting for others' freedom.

Gloria: A convict no more—and fighting for others' freedom.

Finally, in 2002, Gloria was freed after a U.S. circuit court of appeals determined that her conviction came from the false testimony of a convict hoping to gain early release by cooperating with authorities.

Gloria and Mary Ellen launched Women Behind the Walls in May 2009, as “The only show in the nation for, by and about incarcerated women.”

Click here to tune in to Audrey Dotson’s interview on Women Behind the Walls today at 6pm ET.

Click here to read the Ironton Tribune story.

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