Your Guest Can Be Your Megaphone

Learn how to have a clear plan for each guest to help grow your audience.

Be a Top Notch Broadcaster

Being a radio broadcaster opens many doors, interviewing celebrities and other A-listers give you the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people. For example you could interview one of Hollywood’s top stars one day and the next day and you could be interviewing someone who won a pulitzer prize. People and their stories are the true core of broadcasting.

Interviewing the right people can be very effective right from the start, since it provides some initial exposure. More notable guests are a good sign that you’re going to be producing great content and will also help attract more quality guests.

Create a doable plan that works for you and your guests

You will get the most out of having someone with a bigger social stamp on your show by simply making it easy for them to share the broadcast that they were on.

One great way is using multimedia elements you can make in social media along with tagging your guest. Multimedia elements can be very powerful and combine different elements that complement one another to make the post more interesting, complete or compelling. One great tool is Canva that will allow you to make images and is simple to use. Nick Yahl from insideSTL said: We use multimedia elements in our social posts whether it be pictures, videos or gifs to tease an interview and “tag” our guests so they can share our social media posts to their audience to better grow our own brand and promote the episode.

Using social media tools to help you do the work is essential in saving time. Being able to schedule posts in a timely and ongoing manner will help your social practices and also help your guest even months after the show has aired to grow your audience. Lose The Cape For Working Mom’s said: We use SmarterQueue to schedule social media posts, so a guest’s episode will show up on Twitter or Facebook a few times a quarter, and they are tagged in those posts, so that usually initiates another mention or share from the guest.

Creating a standard communication that includes pre-written social media posts with links back to the epidose that you send to your guest or the agency handling their public relations before the show is essential, it can be done in the form of an email or something you have posted on your website they can reference.

Mike White from The Projection Booth contacts his guest before the show: “I let them know how and when to connect to the show but also I let them know how to share the show via their social channels with links to where the broadcast can be heard, I keep everything in one place so it’s easy for them to navigate and reference”.

A great tool you can utilize for this practice is Click to Tweet. It allows you to write the message you want others to share

Generate the link

It also allows you to track those clicks with their “Insights” section. Remember, the easier you make it for your guest to share the show the more they will do so.

Planning & Consistency

Planning ahead of time how your guests will be able to share the broadcast is key, consistency is very important, and simple is most effective. Over time if you keep up best practices in having your guests help promote your show you will see your listens grow beyond your dreams.

So open up your BlogTalkRadio studio and reach for the stars, you may be the next radio super star!


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