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The social community is rapidly expanding on BlogTalkRadio and while it used to be hard to keep up with all of your friends and favorite hosts: Not anymore. Introducing your new BlogTalkRadio Portal Page!

Starting Wednesday, March 26, 2008, your login page will become your new Home Portal Page! (View a Sample Portal Page Here)

Your Home Portal Page is your personal home page within BlogTalkRadio. From this portal, you’ll have access to everything you need to enjoy the whole BlogTalkRadio experience.

See in real time when someone adds a new show, writes a blog post, favorites a show and more. And with the BlogTalkRadio Host News Feed, you can stay up to date on the latest breaking news and exciting guests that will appear on the site.

The new portal page can be used to navigate and make all the changes you need for your Account such as notifications of new messages and new friend requests – all in one convenient place. With access to 30 of your favorite shows via RSS feeds you will never miss a beat.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can do with the new Portal Page:

Host News Feed Stay up to date with all the latest BlogTalkRadio news and highlights. If it happens on BlogTalkRadio, you’ll know.
My Network Social Networking Defined. Now you manage your network activity in one central place! This is a real-time RSS feed that will keep you up to speed on what’s happening with your friends and favorites across your personal BlogTalkRadio network.

To Configure “What’s Going On In My Network”

Click the gear with the arrow at the bottom right of that section to provide a list of viewing options for your network. If you do not want to see a particular set of happenings (such as the shows each of your friends is listening to) simply click “hide” in the configuration page, and you will no longer see that information in your feed. Simply uncheck that at any time if you change your mind.
Start Chat You can start your chat room now right from the home portal page. At the top right of the home portal page, you will see text that says “Start Chat.” Additionally, below the Start Chat text, you’ll find your host and listener dial in numbers.
My Favorites Keep an eye on your favorites! See the next 10 upcoming shows from your favorites list. You can expand this section to show all of your favorites by clicking “Show All” at the top of this section.
Message Center Internal mail
See and control all your waiting messages and friend requests in one place.

Current Time
Displays your current time and time zone. Verify this, as this is what your entire show and listening schedule is based on.

Next Show
Displays the date and time of your next scheduled show. If you do not have a show scheduled, you can simply click the “Add New” link on the right to be taken to your Segments page.

Account Info/Activity Here you will find your profile URL, the type of account that you possess, your membership signup date and time, your profile page views, your number of friends, total listeners, and total shows listened to. To view your entire friends list, simply click “view all.”

For more information, visit the Help/FAQs section of our Web site or simply login to your account on Wednesday to take it for a test spin.

2 thoughts on “Your New BlogTalkRadio Portal Page

  1. Penda

    This is so the bomb diggity! You all are such geniuses. And what a great surprise! I feel like it’s my birthday! I love it so much and can’t wait to explore and play with all the features. This might even cut into my Wii time!!!


    Goddess of Virtual Fitness
    Wii play, do you?


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