A Day In The Life Of BlogTalkRadio

Every day brings more and more hosts, and more and more great shows for everyone to enjoy here at BlogTalkRadio. One thing that I truly enjoy about the pace here at BlogTalkRadio is how fast it’s growing, and how great the content is becoming.

Yesterday, for example, was a remarkable day. First, Atlas Shrugs announced what will be a blockbuster show next week when she interviews our Ambassador to Israel, Dore Gold. Click here for details. As anyone has listened to one Atlas’s shows knows, this will be a lively, spirited and thought-provoking discussion

Yesterday afternoon, Slugger O’Toole hosted his first show from Northern Ireland. Slugger is one of the top bloggers there and we’re lucky to have him here.

Then last night, Nate Wilcox and I hosted our show, “Heading Left,” where we had two Iraq War Vets on, Jon Soltz, Founder, VoteVets.org and Jonathan Powers, Founder, War Kids Relief. We are joined by Steve Gilliard of The News Blog.

Stay tuned. There’s more and more great shows on the way.

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