A Merger of Equals or Weakness?

To me, I see the first sign of cracking within the satellite radio space. In addition to the billions of dollars spent on building and maintaining the network, the cost of acquired content is simply exorbitant. Generation Y is simply not interested in what is happening on either terrestrial radio or satellite radio. We see a revolution taking place in radio. We see thousands of citizen broadcasters for the first time being able to communicate their message to a live streaming, global audience. We see these tens of thousands of broadcast being archived as podcasts. The barriers are beginning to crumble and Blogtalkradio is at the forefront of this movement.

Also consider that when wimax (widely distributed broadband) becomes available in 5 to 10 years and car radios will be fitted with internet access, listenership will significantly erode for both platforms. It’s at that time that Blogtalkradio will truly become a dominant platform.

Since our launch in August 2006, we have signed up more than 2500 hosts, produced more than 11,000 shows and in March we expect to have close to 1 million listeners. It’s the conversation that counts.


Alan Levy
CEO Blogtalkradio

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