A Note From The Janitor

Over the past few weeks, many of you have encountered scheduling conflicts particularly during prime time. Those of you that have been doing shows on Blogtalkradio for some time, have undoubtedly seen a large increase in the number of shows airing on the network. This past week we hit 170 live shows on one day. With 15 simultaneous streams available at any given time, the network is running very busy.


Our hosts, listeners and great content have been rapidly growing week by week. Personally, I like to look at what the blogosphere is buzzing about Blogtalkradio. For that, I go to Google blogsearch which can be accessed through our press page   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/PressRoom.aspx.  If you link to the Google site, you will see that over 31,000 blog posts have been indexed to “Blogtalkradio”. Cool stuff!!


I am happy to announce that we have added 5 more simultaneous live streams, which brings the total number of live shows at any given time to 20. This increase in streams should at least in the short term reduce scheduling conflicts. Don’t worry we are already planning for 30, 50 and even 100 simultaneous broadcasts.


Finally, we are working feverishly on launching the new site. We are getting close and hope to be there at the end of July. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy Blogtalkradio and encourage others to join the conversation.


Best regards to all


Alan Levy

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