A Trip Up Memory Lane Today

Its a busy week here at BlogTalkRadio.  As I peruse the programming guide I am so proud to see all of the wonderful shows we have on.  I remember back to my first few weeks at BlogTalkRadio and I see what a long way we have come since then.  We have grown from 10 live shows a day to anywhere from 100 to 130 or more a day. 

Some of our first hosts are still with us and their shows have grown to have thousands of listeners.

Pamela Geller, Michael Bell, Idolyze, The Famous Baker Team (who are on their honeymoon right now!), Matthew Fashion, Shaun Omac just to name a few of our very first hosts on BlogTalkRadio.  Members of our new team Ed Morrissey, Shaun Omac who are long time hosts and are now part of making things tick around here, and doing a great job I might add.

New hosts, there are so many to mention I regret to not have enough room to mention everyone, Daniel Myers who is devoting his time to raising awareness regarding our government and politics, to other teenagers and showing the world what he is made of on BlogTalkRadio, he is educating our voters of tomorrow with his show every week, Dr Blogstein, who makes us laugh every week, Dave Johnson and James Boyce from Smoking Politics, and of course Stowe Boyd one of our newest hosts, Stowe is an incredible force in this new world of social media, and I suggest that everyone follow his blog and show, as he is a master of this very new frontier.

As Alan flies to Los Angeles today to accept the AlwaysOn 100 Award in Hollywood this week, we would just like to thank all of our hosts for being with us, the new ones, and also the ones that have been with us since the beginning.  You are all appreciated.

Im excited to read about Alan’s trip into Hollywood this week, im sure he will be checking in sometime soon with some news!


One thought on “A Trip Up Memory Lane Today

  1. Wayne

    The excitement surrounding Blog Talk Radio continues to grow. I am being asked about the service, by potential hosts, on a fairly regular basis. That awareness of BTR will continue to rise in both the short and longer terms. It’s a privilege to be a host on BTR, and many other people are recognizing that value as well.


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