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In our continuing efforts to spread the word about BlogTalkRadio, we are reinvigorating the BlogTalkRadio Facebook group. If you are a host, you may have already received an invitation from our friends at TheFacebook.com. We aim to make the BlogTalkRadio Facebook group a place where all BTR hosts and their listeners can come together and interact.

If you don’t already belong to Facebook, get on the bandwagon! Facebook is an incredibly popular social networking site started in 2004 by Harvard students and was once only open to college students. Now open to the general populace (much like MySpace), Facebook has managed to retain its youthful vibe and is an easy-to-navigate platform. Our Facebook group is a great venue for posting notices (called Wall postings) about your BTR show to discuss current topics, advertise exciting guests, and attract listeners from around the world.

We boast radio shows on every possible topic and broadcast from every corner of the world, and in many languages. It’s time to become friendly with your fellow BTR hosts and listeners so we can strengthen our global BlogTalkRadio community.

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