After One Year BlogTalkRadio Brings You “The Anniversary Show”!

Wednesday night starting at 8 pm est Blogtalkradio will bring you our special 2 hour one year anniversary show. It doesnt seem possible that its been a year, seems I have only blinked and we are here today. The line up of guests is extensive for tomorrow night and we are hoping you all will call in and join us as we celebrate Blogtalkradio being live for 1 year.

Our BlogTalkRadio staff including CEO Alan Levy, CO Bob Charish, John Havens, Ed Morrissey, Lisa Padilla, Amy Domestico, John Sweet, Nikki Starr, and Shaun Omac, along with our host liasons, Amber, Christie, and Shannon, will be on hand to ring in “our new year”

Click here to get to the show.

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