AirCongress praises Captain Ed’s ‘Groundbreaking’ Chat!

AirCongress, the Online Voice of Capitol Hill, posted about Ed Morrissey on its blog, heralding his chat with the ambassador of Afghanistan as ‘groundbreaking.’

Morrissey, BlogTalkRadio’s political director and the Captain of Captain’s Quarters, conducted a live interview with Afghan ambassador to the U.S. Said T. Jawad on Monday.

Read my post about it here, and listen to the archived interview here.

AirCongress asserts that Ed’s interview with the ambassador is groundbreaking because “it’s not often that journalists get to interview the ambassador of Afghanistan; it’s even less often that bloggers do.”

In addition to these blogger interviews being rare, Morrissey’s interview process was groundbreaking as well. All the questions he presented to the ambassador were selected from comments posted by readers of his blog.

Morrissey intends to employ this method of interview in the future because “it brings the subject and the audience into a much closer relationship; it gives everyone a larger stake in the process and the product.”

Check out the interview on CQ Radio here.

Read the post at AirCongress.


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