Alan Levy in Blogger and Podcaster Magazine, on Wallstrip!

Alan Levy is all over the place! We are so excited that Alan has been all around town talking up BlogTalkRadio and getting it all the attention and publicity it deserves. Today, he makes a video appearance on the incredible site Wallstrip, as well as in this month’s Blogger and Podcaster Magazine.

To watch Alan’s interview and hear him discuss BlogTalkRadio‘s story on Wallstrip, click here. Wallstrip is the very popular site on the web where “stock culture meets pop culture.” Howard Lindzon, who writes The Wallstrip Blog, has also been a guest on The Alan Levy Show, and is a big fan of BlogTalkRadio. Listen to the archive here.

In June’s issue of Blogger and Podcaster Magazine, BlogTalkRadio is featured in an article entitled Word of Mouth: Web-based talk radio show provide scribes and podcasters another avenue to rant, relate, and recruit new fans.

The article discusses why BlogTalkRadio is a pioneer for enabling bloggers and other internet users to take their ideas and passions to another level with a live broadcast. Alan discusses BlogTalkRadio at length in the article, and according to the author, “BlogTalkRadio’s strength comes from its simplicity,” since no downloads are required to participate.

Also featured prominently in the article is our very own Celebrity Artist Michael Bell from the very popular MBELLART Live! as well as BTR’s soul and Programming Manager Amy Domestico.

To read the article, go to Blogger and Podcaster, and click on the icon on the lefthand side where it says View Current Issue. This will take you to a digital version of the magazine, and the article featuring BlogTalkRadio begins on page 27.

We at BlogTalkRadio are certainly enjoying being in the spotlight!


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