Ambassador Said T. Jawad of Afghanistan LIVE on CQ!

Ed Morrissey, BlogTalkRadio’s Political Director, is broadcasting LIVE from the Afghanistan Embassy in Washington, D.C. Ed, the host of CQ Radio, interviews Ambassador Said T. Jawad, who is the Afghan Ambassador to the United States.

And believe it or not, Ed’s listeners and readers came up with all the questions.

According to Ed, “The most interesting part about the interview, other than the interview itself, is that my readers came up with the questions.” Ed wanted to conduct an “interview that shows the power of New Media to connect news consumers much more closely with the topics and players involved.” We are glad Ed is so excited about “BlogTalkRadio’s role in making that connection.”

So if you submitted a question to Ed, make sure you tune in to hear the Ambassador’s answer!

Said T. Jawad was appointed Afghan Ambassador to the U.S. in 2003. After 9/11, Jawad played an important role in Afghanistan’s state-building process, and has held several crucial posts in the Afghan government, including as the President’s Press Secretary, Chief of Staff, and the Director of the Office of International Relations at the Presidential Palace. Read his full bio here.

Listen LIVE as Ed interviews Said Jawad at 2pm EST, or download the archive.


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