Aspiring Preacher Omarosa: ‘I Am NOT a Chick to Mess With’

In a move that stunned her devotees and detractors alike, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth announced last week that she’s on the road to becoming a minister.

But just last month here on BlogTalkRadio, The Apprentice star – whose self-help book is titled The Bitch Switch: Knowing How to Turn It On and Off – was sounding less than pious.

Interviewed on Wall of Style Radio, Omarosa offered a real-life anecdote illustrating how she regulates her own bitch switch.

CAPTION: "I turned the bitch switch on," aspiring preacher Omarosa (above) told us last month of her conversation with Wendy Williams.

"I turned my bitch switch on," would-be reverend Omarosa (above) told us of her chat with Wendy Williams.

“I went into a store that was advertising those cute little mini laptops. They had a little sale and they were supposed to be $199. They’re usually about $300,” she told host Dee Dee Kelly.

“So I was like, Great, I can buy two of these for my nephews – and a printer – for what I was going to pay for one.”

“So I get there and the woman was like, ‘Oh, that’s a mistake. We’re not doing that anymore.’

“So I’m like, ‘OK, honey, here’s the coupon. This is what it says. Doesn’t expire until the end of the month, so you’re gonna have to honor it.’

“And I’m being real cool about it at that point. I haven’t turned my switch up. I’m at about a three,” continued Omarosa, who’s scheduled to embark on her doctor-of-ministry program tomorrow at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

“Not only was she just ignorant, but she was dismissive – kind of like, What I said is the rule, and you need to step. So I’m at a five at this point. I’m like, OK so I can read, you can read, this is what the deal is.

“By the time I got done with her, I had the two laptops, the printers, ink for a year – she knew that I wasn’t a fool and she was gonna honor my rights.

“When I’m in corporate America, I keep my switch all the way up. I want people to know I am not a chick to mess with.”

"I can be

"I can be a little rude and abrasive," the reality-TV star admitted last month.

Omarosa also indicated that she’s not one to let bygones be bygones – at least not when it comes to former syndicated talk-radio host Wendy Williams, who last month debuted her syndicated TV talk show.

“While I was going through my very public divorce, she was chronicling everything that went on with me and my husband,” she said of Wendy.

“She’d be on her radio show, ‘Oh today, Omarosa asked for the car. And yesterday her husband got this.’ And she just really took pride and joy in seeing the deterioration of my marriage.

“She was really, really happy to see that I was unhappy.

“And I never forgot that. That was about five years ago.”

To hear Omarosa’s full interview, click here.

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