Bearing Drift hosted Republican Senate Primary Debate

Live debates on BlogTalkRadio are exemplary of how the platform can increase the democratization of media, by enabling an interactive dialog between voters and political candidates. Using BlogTalkRadio to air a debate amplifies regional and local politics, by encouraging listeners from all corners to tune in and join the conversation.

Last night, Bearing Drift, one of our highly regarded political shows that focuses on Virginia politics, hosted the first online, call-in, live debate for the Republican Senate Primary in Virginia right here on BlogTalkRadio.

Here is their official press release:


Bearing Drift to host first Republican Virginia Senate debate

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (May. 30) –Bearing Drift, a Hampton Roads-based political Web log (blog), will be hosting the first live, online, call-in Republican Senate primary debate in Virginia between Mrs. Patricia Stall and Sen. Marty Williams, candidates seeking the Republican nomination in Virginia’s 1st Senate District this Sunday, June 3 at 7 p.m.

The public can listen to the debates by visiting Bearing Drift and following the “Listen Live” link or going directly to BlogTalkRadio.

The number for listeners to call and ask a question of the candidates is (718) 664-9599. There is no local telephone number.

Mrs. Stall and Sen. Williams recently dueled on WVEC-13’s “On the Record” with Joel Rubin. Mrs. Stall stated that people are leaving the Republican Party “because of people like Marty Williams.” And Sen. Williams, when interrupted by Mrs. Stall while trying to make a statement said, “She can be so rude sometimes.”

The debate will be available for download several hours after the conclusion of the live program.

In last week’s Republican primary debate for the 83rd House of Delegates between Carolyn Weems and Dr. Chris Stolle, clear differences on taxes, the gun-show loophole, abortion and healthcare were shown between the two candidates. That debate can be heard here.


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