Big Guests On CQ Radio

People often ask me how I like working in the New Media as political director for BlogTalkRadio as well as blogging at Captain’s Quarters. How can I answer with anything less than absolute joy — especially on days where we have a show like this? In the first half, I’ll be talking with Rep. Pete Hoekstra, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, on the recent changes to FISA legislation. Rep. Hoekstra will talk about the changes, why they were necessary, and the upcoming effort to change the law yet again to restrict the NSA.

And in the second half, Steve Forbes joins me to talk about his role on the Rudy Giuliani campaign. A favorite of libertarians and fiscal conservatives, the one-time presidential aspirant will talk about tax policy and why he signed onto Team Rudy.

Let me tell you — this beats call-center management every day of the week. Be sure to tune in — and remember, with your own BTR show, you could be talking with exciting guests like this yourself ….

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