Blog Talk Radio In the Big Media Mix

One thing I find most exciting about BlogTalkRadio is the way it allows everyday people to communicate in a way that only the big media corporations could have done just a few years ago. If you don’t believe it, check this out from AirCongress, where my BlogTalkRadio show, HeadingLeft, was the #2 story featured report on the Presidential fundraising reports that came in this week. CNN was #1 but we came out ahead of MSNBC’s Hardball and National Public Radio. Not bad!

How’d we do it? Thursday, my co-host Nate Wilcox and I had Joe Trippi, the campaign guru behind Howard Dean’s use of the Internet in 2003/2004, on our HeadingLeft BlogTalkRadio show. And as it is Joe’s wont to do, he made a little bit of news by predicting a brokered convention for the Democrats in 2008.

From Lowell Feld blogged on DailyKos:

“I may be the first idiot foolish enough to say it out loud, but we could be looking at something unheard of in the modern era, someone going into convention with only 30%-40% of delegates.”

Also: “What could happen is that we’re headed for a brokered convention…Edwards, Hillary and Obama may have enough cash before Iowa even happens to go all the way. Polls are all basically in dead heats. Not one is going to blow out the other two. If they keep this pace up, they’d have enough money to go all the way. I never thought I’d say this in modern politics that it’s possible to have a brokered convention…fighting it down to the last state.”

Finally, Trippi raised the prospect of Al Gore becoming the nominee in a brokered convention scenario: “If there was a brokered convention going on, that [Al Gore coming in and winning the nomination] could be how that plays out.

There are so many stories the MSM isn’t telling and BlogTalkRadio is a great way to get some of them out there.

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