BlogTalkRadio-An AlwaysOn Winner

I am flying home from the AlwaysOn Hollywood 100 event which took place at the Hotel Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. As you may know by now, Blogtalkradio was selected by Tony Perkin’s editorial board as one of the top 100  private digital media companies in the world. It is quite an honor to win this award 8 months after launching Blogtalkradio.  This is an honor that was bestowed upon You Tube just last year.

Since inception, more than 14,000 broadcasts have been aired on our network. To me that number is simply astounding. I recall at the outset, sitting in my home office, evening after evening filling the airwaves with “The Alan Levy Show”. One night I recall my daughter comes into my office asking for help with her homework. As I talked into my headset to broadcast my show, my daughter asked…”Who are you talking to?”. I replied “no one”. Blogtalkradio was live for just two days.

I met lots of great people at the event who didn’t seem to tire of hearing the BTR story. I enjoyed my time with Lisa, Hilary and JD from by far, my most enjoyable conversation was with Jason Shellen, one of the founders of Blogger and now in new business development at Google. A brief sentence from an email I sent to him tells it all.

I really enjoyed our conversation last night. It’s so infrequent to have a conversation with a successful silicon valley entrepreneur where they are not looking at their watch every thirty seconds trying to figure out the best way to “exit stage right”. I was especially happy to be able to thank you for creating blogger, given that I used your platform to create my dad’s blog.  Here it is

Smart, humble and nice!! Nice combination.


Update: This just came across the wire, Tony Bove thinks we are interesting!   


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