BlogTalkRadio at BlogHer, YearlyKos Conferences in Chicago!

Conference season is upon us and you friends at BlogTalkRadio will be present at two of the biggest blogging and internet events of the summer, the BlogHer Conference and YearlyKos Convention, both in Chicago.


BlogHer is “where the women bloggers are.” Since its inception only a few years ago, BlogHer has become a model for other blogging communities. BlogHer boasts an impressive blogroll with a variety of content, an ad network, and editorial posts of interest.

This year’s conference theme is “A World of Difference” and highlights the spectrum of interests and personalities that are BlogHer affiliated. BlogHer ’07 will be held at the Navy Pier in Chicago July 27-28. Read more about or sign up here.

I will be in attendance at BlogHer and can’t wait to meet our hosts and listeners who will be there. If you are attending, please drop me a line at

YearlyKos is an annual event stemming from the pioneer political blog DailyKos to gather the Netroots community, described on their site as the U.S.-based “non-partisan grassroots political action community that uses the Internet and blogs as primary tools” for discussion and change.

This conference proves to bring together an amazing group, and speakers include Christy Hardin Smith of FireDogLake, Amanda Marcotte (host of Radio Free Pandagon here on BlogTalkRadio), Gen. Wesley Clark, among many many other politicians, bloggers, and activists.

If you plan to attend YearlyKos, please email Shaun Daily, host of ShaunOMac Radio here on BlogTalkRadio, at, to arrange to meet up with him and our other BlogTalkRadio friends in attendance.


Looking forward to hearing from you and to seeing you in Chicago!!


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