BlogTalkRadio Does OnHollywood!

Oh what a night! As you may have noticed from the “OnHollywood 100 Winner” badge proudly displayed on our homepage, BlogTalkRadio is running with the big dogs when it comes to cutting-edge technology that will carry forward and impact media and entertainment.

The OnHollywood 100 Awards Reception was last night at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Swarming with tech and media pioneers, the lobby and patios were abuzz with the incredible energy characteristic of making new relationships and explaining ideas. BlogTalkRadio received a gorgeous glossy plaque and had its name on the “Winners” banner.

What a crowd. Scanning the nametags of the attendees was like a crash course in new technology and media. I caught some familiar names like YouTube and Google, but they seemed like the grandfathers of the group compared to the young companies with technology so far ahead that I barely understood it.

I was thrilled to see my college friends Elliott Breece and Josh Boltuch from music site Amie Street. They still run their incredibly successful site out of the basement of their house, and like us and many of the other OnHollywood 100 Winners, have a revolutionary idea and only a handful of employees working tirelessly to carry it out.

As our CEO Alan Levy, VP Marketing Lisa Padilla, and I spread the word about BlogTalkRadio, it was amazing to see the excited reactions of the fellow CEOs and attendees. They really got it, they understood the vision behind what we do. Many friends we made expressed interest in starting shows with us to take callers and interact with their users and fans. Come on down!

Other highlights:

Carson Daly moderating a panel and plugging his new site, while a live chat feed was projecting with at-home viewers commenting on the panel’s discussion. How self-reflective!

Meeting Danny Gruber, CEO of Qmecom, who explained his company’s video technology to me as we chatted beside the pool. He’s from Melbourne, and as Tony Riha from Merrill Corp, one of the judges for the Awards, told me, he gives one hell of a presentation. These passionate and inspiring CEOs were everywhere, and very enthusiastic about our vision at BlogTalkRadio.

Quite possibly the most novel attendee was, a young fella with a camera strapped to his baseball cap, trolling the party and capturing live video footage instantaneously streaming on his site.

All in all, an eventful evening. The conference continues with panels and discussions. Check out the schedule here.


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