BlogTalkRadio In The Classroom

When BlogTalkRadio was in its infancy one of the first things we had talked about was what a great tool it would be for a teacher or students to use for various things.  A few idea’s we had were debates,  news for school sports, teachers using it to reach out to students to help with certain assignments, and much more.  Alan Levy’s daughter even used it to do a book report and scored an A!

Over the past few weeks we have started to see the education system trickle into BlogTalkRadio and every day that trickle is turning into a steady stream and nothing could make me more happy then to see students and educators using BlogTalkRadio to help with education.

Here are a few examples:

Curtis High School does school announcements on BlogTalkRadio.

Banting Middle School does a show talking about activities at their school.

TeachCast with John is from Louiseville Tech and John gives this description for his show,

“Are you in John’s Microsoft I class? Have you missed a day of class? Not sure what went on in class? Did you attend class, but need a refresher on what went on in class? If so, this show is for you!”

We at BlogTalkRadio would like to welcomes all educators and students to utilize this platform as it is not only a great social media tool, it is also a great tool in the classroom.


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